Your first marketing class

For the first time, EDHEC International BBA is coming on EDHEC Business School's London campus to meet with high school students!


2 pm Welcome coffee

2: 30 pm “Talking About a Revolution: Useless Finance, Harmful Finance and Useful Finance” conference by Pr. Lionel MARTELLINI, PhD, Director of EDHEC-Risk Institute - Senior Scientific Advisor ERI Scientific Beta.

3:30 pm Marketing class given by Johanna BRUNNEDER, PHD, professor at EDHEC International BBA

5:15 pm Presentation of the programme's details

5:45 pm Chat with some of the programme's students

6:30 pm Cocktail with your parents




Why you should participate

You should participate if you want to:

  • Know the 5 good reasons why you should study at EDHEC Business School
  • Converse with students who studied in the U.K and chose EDHEC International BBA for their undergraduate studies
  • Get to know the programme details and how to apply whether you are a French or an international student
  • Learn why France is the perfect study destination for you
  • Discover our beautiful campuses, in Nice and Lille



If you have any question, please contact Mrs Laura Larriviere