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Build your international journey

International experience is a clear advantage on any CV and a mandatory feature of the EDHEC International BBA degree, with students spending one semester abroad, either at a university or in an internship. Two types of academic exchanges are available in year 2, namely the traditional exchange or the Global Manager Certificate (GMC). In year 3 students can opt for the traditional semester-long exchange or choose to spend a year abroad within the scope of a double degree.

Xavier Stortini

"This experience has been a real advantage in the pursuit of my studies but also for my professional future."

Xavier Stortini. Exchange at Queen's University, Canada. Read his testimony.


Business Management track students can leave for a traditional academic exchange in our of EDHEC's 139 partner institutions in 37 countries around the world.


Discover our partner universities 


The ERASMUS + program was created by the European Union to promote the cooperation and the students, professionals and higher education staff academic and professional mobility. Learn more.


The Global Manager Certificate is a tailored program for second-year Business Management track students. Students leave in groups of 30 students and take customized classes. Contrary to a traditional exchange, the GMC delivers a certificate from one of these institutions: 

Business Management track students can go on a one-year exchange to obtain a double-degree from one of these institutions:

The Global Business track students study abroad twice during their four years of studies at UCLA Extension (USA), and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) or UADE (Argentina) or The Hong-Kong Polytechnic University or Lingnan University (China)

The International Business Track (IBT) consists of two academic years of alternating internships and English-taught courses at EDHEC. International students from our 139 partner universities also attend these courses.

The Study Abroad Office (SAO) is a service dedicated to helping students find the right academic exchange for them. The SAO team works with 139 academic partners around the world in 37 countries.


The SAO holds many events all year long:

  • International forum: Students coming back from their exchange and international students introduce their university of origin to new students
  • Departure preparation meetings: in small groups, students learn about the practical, cultural and academic requirements of their exchange
  • Beyond Borders: students get ready for their exchange by asking questions and taking part in activities organized by the SAO
  • Welcome Back Coffee: once back from their exchange, students share their experience with each other

Work experience abroad is valued in the Business Management and Global Business track. For more details, learn more about the different tracks.