Written on 20 April 2020.

Covid-19: an emergency fund to help students in serious difficulty

In response to a growing need for applications, EDHEC has launched an Emergency Fund to support students in serious difficulty.  Let us mobilise, together, for solidarity between generations.

Exceptional solidarity aids

To deal with the unforeseen financial situations of EDHEC students, and in addition to the scholarship programme, the EDHEC Foundation set up a Solidarity Fund in 2019.
Faced with the current health crisis, and in coordination with the school, the Foundation is accelerating and setting up an Emergency Fund dedicated to students in serious financial difficulty.

The Emergency Fund makes it possible to grant exceptional solidarity aid to French and international students in the following cases:

- Difficult family situation (loss of activity of a parent / death of a parent)

- Loss of income from a student job or internship

- Student staying abroad with extra living expenses not provided for

Eligibility criteria are based on income before confinement, the level of income decline since the start of confinement and the family and financial situation of households.

A commission is held every 15 days to allocate this aid to eligible students. About ten grants were awarded as of April 17 and applications are still coming in.

EDHEC mobilised to match every donation

We need your support to finance this exceptional aid.  Struggling students rely on our community which must express itself as forcefully as possible. 


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