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Dear Parents,

We are pleased to send you this Newsletter to provide you with a window on your children’s experience at EDHEC and on the School’s strategy and projects.

EDHEC's mission is to equip our students with solid knowledge, while also transmitting values that will shape their characters and personalities, such as professionalism, respect, dynamism and engagement.

We ask our students to work and strive continuously; today the World and society at large are highly demanding. It is not just a question of good sense and experience, but also a call for command of all managerial skills and fundamental principles.

EDHEC offers students the opportunity to develop their ability to understand the corporate world and to master the business situations they are set to face during their careers.  


Alessia Di Domenico

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies

Your Contacts

Bernard Curzi
Director of the Business
Management Track, Nice campus

Director BBA EDHEC Online

Marie-José Rinaldi-Larribe
Director of the
Global Business Track

Jean-Christophe Meyfredi
Director of the Business
Management Track, Lille campus

FT european Business School rankings 2017 : Edhec cements its position among the top 15 

EDHEC Business School has consolidated its standing among the top 15 business schools in Europe, according to the Financial Times rankings published. In a highly competitive international environment, the School once again confirmed its leadership by ranking 14th in 2017, thereby maintaining the position captured in the previous year. 

This ranking once again places EDHEC among the top 3 French Grandes Ecoles with HEC and ESCP Europe. 

This result testifies to the School’s successful impact on the careers of its graduates; their insertion into the job market is one of the major criteria assessed by the Financial Times, particularly via the growth in their salaries on leaving the School. It also underlines the excellence of EDHEC’s portfolio of programmes, which evolves constantly in order to factor in business needs and student aspirations.

Read this Financial Times ranking here

Discover University of California Los Angeles, UCLA, through the Global Business Track

Global Business Track students had the opportunity to start classes at UCLA Extension in September 2017. They spend two full semesters studying and living in Los Angeles. Second-year student Charlotte Vincent shares her experience.

"The University of California, Los Angeles, more commonly known as UCLA, is the most sought after public university in the United States. It is one of the country’s most prestigious universities alongside Ivy League institutions such as Yale and Harvard.

UCLA is known for its historical architecture, first-rate teaching and state-of-the-art sports facilities which place it at the top of the league when it comes to sporting successes among US universities.

Founded in 1917 exclusively for international students, studying at UCLA Extension is a huge opportunity, a chance to live the American Dream. Classes are delivered by prominent top-class professors and the international environment sets the perfect stage for cultural and linguistic exchanges. Meeting people from vastly different backgrounds is all part of the experience, with a range of clubs, associations and sports events providing endless opportunities to mingle.

The US education system is very different to the French model: classes are based on discussions with professors, so students are actively involved, and everyone has the opportunity to put their ideas and opinions forward. Self-discipline and hard work are required to successfully complete the courses.

UCLA students gain a definite edge when entering their chosen careers. The university helps them develop professional networks by regularly organising careers and job fairs on campus, bringing together a wealth of local and national businesses.

Studying at UCLA is the American Dream for any student. I can only urge you to go!" 

Following the recent fires in California and around the UCLA Extension campus, the EDHEC BBA confirms that the situation is under control and that we are staying in direct contact with both UCLA Extension and the students.




L'Etudiant ranking was based on the performances of 27 business schools offering four or five-year undergraduate courses. EDHEC international BBA ranks second in the overall ranking of 4-year programmes and performed well in terms of academic excellence and close proximity to business:

#2 for academic excellence
#2 for close proximity to business
#2 for teaching and support

See the ranking online

The EDHEC International BBA is EDHEC Business School’s undergraduate programme, a four-year bachelor’s degree combining academic education with international exchanges and internships. After four years of study, students are awarded a bachelor’s degree (baccalaureate + 4) recognised and accredited by the French State. They can then choose to seek employment or continue their studies at leading institutions in France and across the globe. 

 With the online track, you can be a high-level athlete and an outstanding student 

Currently at the top of the French basketball league with the Le Mans team, Philippe Pape Amagou is a high-level athlete with a stream of successes under his belt, such as winning the Coupe de France in 2016 with his current team. 

He is also a very good student in his third year of EDHEC’s BBA, having opted for the online track, which fits perfectly with the requirements and constraints of his profession. With this programme, he can plan his education so that it fits into his schedule. “When you’re in a highly demanding profession, such as high-level sport, having access to a tailored education programme from a top business school like EDHEC is an incredible opportunity and a luxury.”

What professional activities are you involved in apart from basketball? Are you already preparing for a change of profession?

Five years ago, I set up a company specialising in multimedia product sales and mobile phone repairs, offering new, refurbished and second-hand items. With my business partners, we plan to open several stores locally in the short term (the second is due to open in a month) before expanding regionally in the medium term (in Tours, Angers, etc.).

I’ve been thinking about my next career move for several years. In my field, athletes retire when they’re around 36. I’m 32 now and I want to prepare for my next career well in advance to ensure a smooth transition. I don’t know exactly what I’ll do, but I enjoy being entrepreneurial and I’ve taken to setting up a business. That said, I don’t rule out being an employee, as long as I have a real opportunity to develop my career and, to quote EDHEC’s motto, “make an impact”.

Is your course content useful in these activities?

I never imagined just how useful my learning would be in my everyday role as an entrepreneur. When you’re in charge of a small business with two sales people, a repairs technician and an intern, you wear several hats. I might be meeting my accountant, delivering products to a customer or working at the checkout counter. My EDHEC training helps me in managing my business and interacting with the various entities involved in the ecosystem of SMEs and micro-businesses, such as suppliers, bankers, customers, the accountant and the tax authorities.

EDHEC gives me the tools I need to steer my business and drive its performance. I’ve been able to understand the mistakes I made at the outset and implement a turnaround policy to boost profitability. I have the opportunity to put the theory I learn through the BBA into practice. And even though my forecasts are sometimes below target, I try to stay positive and find solutions with my partners, bearing in mind that every experience helps and failures should be seen as “trophies”.

What are your professional and academic prospects for the coming years?

Going forward, I’d like to continue my education while at the same time developing my activities as an entrepreneur. I’m currently in the third year of the BBA, specialising in finance, and I’m aiming to finish my degree in January 2019. After that, I’d like to continue my education at EDHEC by applying for the global MBA, because I feel at home here and I’m convinced that EDHEC will enable me to achieve my goals.

Highlights of Philippe’s sports career:

French champion in 2006, 2008 and 2015

Winner of the “Semaine des As” competition in 2006

Winner of the “Coupe de France” in 2004 and 2016

Silver medal at the African Championship in 2009 (Tripoli, Libya)

Testimonial from a very recent graduate on her four years of study 

Some first-in-class students become etched in our minds and our memories, having led their class through their excellent results and exemplary conduct.  Loan Cong was awarded the best-in-class prize at the graduation ceremony for EDHEC International BBA class of 2017 in Nice on 14 October 2017.

  “Since our end-of-course internships, it feels as though we’ve all been caught up in our new lives, our new projects, without even taking the time to celebrate the last four years and the journey we’ve been on as students and as human beings. This event [the graduation ceremony] was therefore important and, as with every other major event during the course, the EDHEC BBA team has shown itself to be united, attentive and supportive of all its students. Beyond the classes themselves, I think that teaching, learning and support were also fostered through being present and exchanging views and a few words. Today’s ceremony, on this Saturday 14 October, was proof that you fulfilled this mission, and very successfully. I am very grateful to you, and to the whole EDHEC BBA team in Nice.  After my end-of-course internship, I was delighted to sign my first fixed-term employment contract, with the company where I did my internship: SenseCube, an incubator for projects with strong social and environmental impacts. This incubator belongs to the MakeSense association, which mobilises the public, businesses and local authorities to work with social entrepreneurs to find collaborative solutions to the major challenges facing our society. My role today is to coordinate the SwitchUp Challenge, a programme to support and reward students and young entrepreneurs who want to use new technologies to resolve a social or environmental problem by creating start-ups. I’m in charge of managing partnerships and will be doing my own “Tour de France”, visiting schools and universities to raise awareness on social entrepreneurship and technologies with positive impacts, including eight “Creathons” (start-up weekends) and a call for projects.

The EDHEC International BBA gave me:

  • A gateway to the professional world at a very early stage, thanks to the Project Workshop and the opportunity to do several internships,
  • A gateway to the world in general, fostering personal growth: an experience abroad, electives that enable us to delve deeper into subjects we like without necessarily being directly related to our studies,
  • Self-knowledge: particularly through all the group work and seminars,
  • Support: at times of doubt and questioning, I’ve always found a professor I can turn to for advice,
  • A testing ground: I feel as though I’ve been able to test a lot of ideas and notions that came into my head over the last four years and I’ve often found the resources to do so within the BBA,
  • And, of course, the people I met: business school wasn’t necessarily a “milieu” in which I really felt at home, especially in the first months, but I have no regrets whatsoever about taking this route. The people I met – faculty, BBA team, speakers and students –are what made the experience so enriching, giving me the strength and the means to do what I wanted to do. 

Learn about the EDHEC international BBA Management Studies Apprenticeship Track

EDHEC International BBA Management Studies students have the opportunity to take the whole of their second cycle (years 3 and 4 of the programme) in the form of an apprenticeship track. This selective course (1) is currently available to 40 third-year students and over 50 undergraduates in their fourth year, who all choose between two possible paths.

A few weeks before EDHEC students have the chance to take this option, we’re shining the spotlight on this highly sought-after track and all the advantages it affords.

Apprenticeships bring a wealth of benefits, such as being employed by a company, earning a salary or having tuition fees paid by the company, and easily blending professional experience with academic learning throughout the learning cycle. In addition, throughout their apprenticeships, students are supported by an apprenticeship supervisor and an academic tutor, both of whom help them to make good progress. This intensive professionalization process is an excellent way to unlock opportunities in the business world that are consistent with the experience gained during the cycle.

EDHEC apprenticeship track, launched more than 10 years ago, has seen a number of changes at the beginning of this new academic year.

Alongside the general apprenticeship track offered to date, we have launched an apprenticeship track specialising in Retail Management & E-Business to meet demand from businesses and our students. In a changing economic environment, in which e-business is booming, this track provides the skills trainees need to adapt to, and anticipate, business trends driven by new technologies. Professionals completing this course will be capable of steering companies of all sizes as they diversify and adapt their distribution channels to new patterns of consumer behaviour.

The Retail Management & E-Business apprenticeship track is also available to third-year students specialising in marketing and to our current apprentices who wish to specialise in the second year of their apprenticeship.

Another new feature completes the changes made to our apprenticeship track: the addition of a period of study abroad. This enables our students to fulfil the international immersion requirement, which was previously only satisfied by students who had been on exchanges in their second year or had completed sufficiently long internships abroad.(2)

As with all our courses, students completing the apprenticeship track can choose whether to seek employment immediately or continue their studies at top institutions.

1-The number of places available is limited.

2-Students who have already been on an international exchange will also undertake this period of immersion in a foreign country. They will therefore study in two international locations during their degree course.

Anthony Vala shares his first-hand experience of this track 

“I opted for the apprenticeship track in the last year of my EDHEC International BBA course when an opening came up at Microsoft. It was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not only to experience and get involved in financial work at a world-class organisation, but also to gain a foothold in the technology sector, one of my favourite fields. The many learning processes during this yearlong experience were enriching and intense. They gave me an insight into the various aspects of the Business Analyst role and the responsibility that goes with it. A good example would be drawing up the annual budget for Office products at the very end of the tax year, factoring in local market conditions and the group’s international guidelines.

It’s a great feeling of pride, mixed with a bit of apprehension, when you realise that you have a genuine commitment to both the School and the company. You soon find out that this one-of-a-kind track, based on the learning of fundamental theories alongside practical experience, requires professionalism, adaptability and responsiveness.

Now, with the benefit of this training, the next step is to hone my learning over the coming two years. I’m currently studying quantitative economics and finance at the Ecole Polytechnique, with a view to achieving the new goals and requirements I’ve set for myself.

If a student considering this track asked me for advice, I’d tell them not to opt for the apprenticeship track by default or for financial reasons alone. To undertake this demanding learning process, you need a mature professional project in keeping with your professional and academic goals.”

EDHEC Voices: Caroline Saux

A company progresses and performs thanks to the quality of its people. I found my vocation while working out in the field: a career in Human Resources seemed obvious to me.

Different internships in various sectors helped me clarify my choice. EDHEC Career Centre put me in contact with a network of companies and taught me how to look for internships.  I notably worked for a Paris-based events agency, Numéro 21, set up by an EDHEC Alumni. I thought the business world was the best way for me to learn, so I opted for a work-study programme enabling me to complete my experience with knowledge and skills acquired in class.

As a trainee, I joined the Human Resources Department of Orfea, a joint venture between Accor Hotels and SNCF. My duties included training, recruitment and management : they would consider me aas a member of staff and not as a student. My classes made more sense and were mirrored in my professional experiences. It was good to talk with my classmates about our varied work experiences, all different from mine. When I came up against problems within the company, I could count on the support of the School’s professors and course participants who were always there, ready for discussion.

Before completing my work-study programme, I was contacted by around 10 firms offering permanent positions. I am now a Recruitment Consultant with Robert Half, a market-leading US firm. I can at last respond to employment-related issues by assisting companies and also job candidates throughout their professional careers.

Four years ago, I would never have imagined being as fulfilled and passionate about what I do. I am now a dynamic and more assured young woman who is proud of what she has done.

EDHEC International BBA: Get Ready For Your Career!

Early September 2017 saw the EDHEC International BBA Career Centre organise two days of career training seminars in Lille and Nice for Year 4 students.

These “GET READY FOR YOUR CAREER” seminars were designed to prepare students for recruitment processes with a view to them finding internships and to their upcoming entry onto the job market.

The approach comprised different stages giving students the chance to polish and present their candidacies in optimal conditions, i.e. tips and updates for making their CVs more professional, a class on building and expanding their professional networks through the EDHEC alumni network, and individual career interviews and tests in order to assess their leadership capabilities. Three workshops geared to training students for Assessment Centre-type recruitment processes rounded out the approach (assessment of candidates’ potential by observing them in simulated work situations). More specifically, these workshops featured role plays run by a specialist recruitment consultant and involving simulated commercial negotiations, simulated recruitment interviews and customised case studies.  “In a global context, our students need to deal with increasingly complex and competitive recruitment processes that take place increasingly earlier in the year. The Career Centre wanted to set up this career training seminar in early September in order to give our students all the tools needed to face up to the competition and succeed in recruitment processes, and thereby secure the best internships and jobs”, explains Gergana Hristozova, Manager Career Centre EDHEC International BBA, Lille-Nice



EDHEC BBA’s International Forum a great success! 

The International Forum: another way to discover EDHEC BBA’s academic study abroad destinations.

The Study Abroad Offices’ annual event, the “EDHEC BBA International Forum” was held in October this year on both the Lille and Nice campuses to celebrate some of EDHEC BBA’s partner universities. Many Partner Institutions of all over the world were represented on both campuses.

This highlight event of the year is the opportunity for EDHEC BBA 1st and 2nd year students to discover the wide range of study abroad destinations on offer.

Exciting destinations such as Pace University New York in the United States, Yonsei School of Business Seoul in South Korea, Dublin Business School in Ireland and London Metropolitan University in the UK, offered in the “Global Manager Certificate Program”.

 In the “Classical Student Exchange” choices, universities and destinations across the globe were represented such as la Berlin School of Economics and Law in Germany, Kemmy Business School University of Limerick in Ireland, Linköping University in Sweden, Smith School of Business Queen’s University and Telfer School of Management University of Ottawa in Canada, Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia, City University of Hong Kong, University of Dayton in the United States and many others.

The Lille and Nice events would not have been possible without the invaluable participation of the Ambassadors of each study abroad destination. The returning EDHEC BBA 4 students who went abroad in their 2nd or 3rd year were eager to relive and share their study abroad experience while the EDHEC BBA International visiting students on exchange for the fall semester were happy to talk about their home universities, city and culture. The Ambassadors were able to share with EDHEC BBA 1st and 2nd year students who are interested in going on an academic stay abroad in the future,  their enthusiasm for their study abroad experience as well as their insight and experience of their countries in a relaxed, colorful and fun atmosphere.

The Forum is also an opportunity for those 2nd year students who are currently preparing for their imminent spring semester departure abroad, to receive some important practical information on their destination and benefit from real-life experiences about their host Institutions and countries.

This year, attending students also had the opportunity to meet and talk to Language professors and the Language Resource Center coordinator in Lille. 

Thanks to the vital contribution and enthusiasm of EDHEC BBA4 and International visiting students, the Lille and Nice Forums proved a great success this year once again!

International focus is at the heart of EDHEC BBA’s vision for future, and the program has developed over the course of the years a solid network of over 100 prestigious academic partnership agreements in over 30 countries.


New academic partnerships raising EDHEC’s international profile 

This year again, EDHEC has raised its international profile and, after signing new agreements, is now offering a network of 117 academic partners in 36 countries. New prestigious partners are:

University Exeter, Exeter, UK


SUFE Shanghai University of Finance & Economics, China


Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany


The American University in Cairo, Egypt


National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan


University of Cologne, Germany


Nyenrode Business Universiteit, Breukelen, Netherlands


Manchester Metropolitan University, UK


Corvinus Business School, Budapest Hungary


CUFE Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China


PUC Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Santiago,  Chile


Last month, the Study Abroad Office organised the International Forum in Lille and Nice in order to promote academic exchanges from Year 1 and 2 , to present all of the EDHEC International BBA’s partner universities, as well as the destinations and options for academic exchanges.

The EDHEC International BBA programme offers several academic tracks worldwide, coupled with an extensive range of international exchange possibilities. By doing so, it enables EDHEC International BBA students to forge a future in line with their aspirations and provides them with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle the main challenges presented by tomorrow’s world, to make decisions and to exercise their spirit of enterprise.