Welcome, international students

EDHEC INTERNATIONAL BBA loves international students: 1/3 of our students are international students, which is more than 100 nationalities on campus!

The International Student Office is here to help you with your visa (student permit) and health insurance related questions, but also:

  • Prepare your arrival ;
  • Learn what it's like to live in France ;
  • Find accommodation ;
  • With practical information ;
  • Answer health-related questions
  • Welcome your family ;
  • And feel at home on your new campus and in your new city.


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Create your professional path

The Career Centre is exclusively dedicated to EDHEC INTERNATIONAL BBA students. Its role is to help and guide students in their career development. Students have access to the Career Centre's online platform with exclusive job and internship offers from the best recruiters in France and elsewhere. The Career Centre team assists students all year long via regular one-on-one meetings to discuss their professional development.

The Career Centre holds many events during the academic year, such as:

  • EDHEC INTERNATIONAL BBA Forum: This fair is an opportunity for students looking for internships to meet face to face with renowned recruiters such as Amazon, La Redoute, KPMG, etc.
  • Get Ready For Your Career: This seminar allows fourth-year students to assess their career readiness before entering the job market.
  • Career Days: These sessions help first-year students get acquainted with the different sectors (finance, HR, marketing, etc.) they’re likely going to work in after graduation.
  • Share&Coffee: A chance for companies to present the types of internships available at their firm, in a relaxed setting. Coffee and refreshments included.


Share your experience

More than 10,000 graduates make up the EDHEC INTERNATIONAL BBA alumni network. Students can take advantage of this network to create new professional opportunities. There are 45 alumni ambassadors around the world available to support them when they go abroad for an internship or to start their professional career abroad. 

Key figures


  • EDHEC INTERNATIONAL BBA Resources: 387 alumni are available to answer the students' questions about their profession, industry, and career paths.
  • The mentoring programme: Some 70 third-year students benefit from a mentor, usually someone working in the student's dream company or role. The purpose of this programme is to help students develop their careers by giving them a better understanding of the jobs they aspire to do, and of the companies and industries where they are likely to work after graduation. 
  • Professional clubs: 25 professional clubs meet every month to share news and opportunities in entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, etc.
  • Local clubs: Because moving abroad is never easy, EDHEC INTERNATIONAL BBA ambassadors, present in 52 different countries, help newly-arrived international students tap into local EDHEC networks.  
  • Homecoming: Every June the EDHEC INTERNATIONAL BBA homecoming takes place in Lille, Nice, and Paris. An unforgettable event! 


Become the entrepreneur of your dreams

The EYE incubator helps students from the birth of an idea until the launch and growth of their company. Coaches are available on our Lille, Nice, and Paris campus (Station F). 

In 2017, EDHEC celebrated the launching of Station F, the world's largest start-up campus.

Preliminary meetings/year

Companies created

Incubated projects/year

"Cordées de l'entrepreunariat" laureates

EDHEC INTERNATIONAL BBA students can pursue their studies in EDHEC's MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management. This graduate programme is for anyone wishing to continue their studies and career in entrepreneurship.