A track to professionalize in Luxury Marketing

Rebecca RODAN

After my year at NTU, I landed a position at Amazon


Obtain a Global Manager Certificate at Pace University

Emmanuel Zheng

An EDHEC BBA graduate at the London Business School

Camille Avizou

Event management: why you should study at a business school

Thibault Antoine

EDHEC is a business school that is open to the wider world

Philippine ROBERT

"I did a 10-month internship at Nike"

Céline RENY

EDHEC's goal is the success of its students


Havas, Konbini, entrepreneurship: Ambre's journey


From EDHEC to the European Commission: Sarah's testimonial

Nanthida Kaewradee

International studies: EDHEC's bachelor degree is unique


Sustainable finance: forging a career path with meaning

Manon Pellegrin

The EDHEC community is powerful, take advantage of it

Sebastien LAPP

EDHEC gives you the tools to build an outstanding resume

Oumaima Habach

I studied in NYC for five months

Adrien De Wolkoff

I am Head of Digital Paid Marketing Asia-Pacific at LinkedIn

Mathilde Lambert-Pantalacci

I would highly recommend the Global Business Track

Camélia ESSID

EDHEC represented a real stepping stone for my academic journey

Mathys LOPEZ

I was immediately drawn by this programme that mixed theory and practice

Claire Scepi

“I’m an intern at Chanel”

Florian Montaufier

“Specialising allows you to develop real skills that are useful and adaptable in the workplace.”

Tom Rozière

I had an internship at Google France

Valentine Bouffinier

A specialisation in line with my career goals

Lucas Sornin

The EDHEC International BBA – a real opportunity to develop my career plan

Camille Quartana

A sustainable, international career path

Théo Picard

Adaptability and an ability to integrate

Milan Stojiljkovic

Prestige, professional experience and studying abroad

Tina Biehler

I made friends with UCLA students coming from different backgrounds and mindsets

Eva Laumond

Our program is the most complete and competitive on the market

Sarah Palak

I discovered my passion for human resources

Laure Amouyal

NTU provides you with everything you need

Aloys Fondeville

"This program will make a difference on my résumé"

Hugo Di Fazio

I chose this program for the professionalization aspect

Xavier Stortini

I stepped out of my comfort zone