Havas, Konbini, entrepreneurship: Ambre's journey

Ambre Escarfail is an entrepreneur. After completing her baccalaureate with the highest honours at the French High School of Jakarta, she enrolled in EDHEC’s undergraduate programme in 2016. Here, she explains how the business school enabled her to discover her skills for communications, to build her own company and to work for Havas and Konbini.




From the French High School of Jakarta to EDHEC Business School

I have lived abroad for most of my life and, in 2016, I completed my baccalaureate at the French High School of Jakarta, Indonesia. Although I lived abroad, studying at the French High School immersed me in French culture and convinced me of the country’s academic excellence.

During a trip to France, I attended an EDHEC open day, already familiar with the school's reputation. Talking to the various students and speakers opened my eyes to what the BBA had to offer: the freedom to forge my own academic and professional career path. I was particularly drawn to EDHEC’s learning-by-doing approach, the opportunity to study in English and the ability to take part in an exchange. EDHEC Business School combines excellence with an international slant and was, therefore, a logical next step in my academic journey.


Association EDHEC Lueur et Elegance

Lueur et Elégance student society - Photo taken before March 2020


Building a career in communications

EDHEC's student societies: A first step into the world of work

The first major step in establishing my student life at EDHEC Business School was joining the Lueur & Élégance society, a charity organisation that aims to restore the confidence of women suffering from breast cancer and to raise funds to fight the disease. EDHEC’s student societies are known for being extremely active ‒ and rightly so, as the considerable responsibilities and work involved are really a first foray into working life. The choices we make here are often representative of our professional goals and linked to our career orientation. I joined the communications department of my chosen society, working as part of a team that combined organization, creativity and graphics skills, carrying out tasks related to community management, artistic direction and aspects of communications design.

I also had the opportunity to become involved in the ‘Beyond’ Student Office in 2017‒2018. Once again heading up the communications division, I managed a team with a large budget on a number of communications projects.

These two student society experiences were highly formative, both personally and professionally. I discovered my affinity for the field of marketing and communications, and I strengthened my organisational, decision-making and creative skills. Being part of a student society at EDHEC Business School is a considerable asset that helps you stand out in the jobs market.



Ambre Escarfail at her Konbini internship


Konbini and Havas: Internships on a massive scale

After dipping my toe in the professional water in the student societies, I knew I was drawn to communications, which is why I chose to specialise in marketing in my bachelor's third year. The theoretical knowledge I acquired from this specialisation and my practical experience in the student societies enabled me to get a six-month internship as a designer-editor of branded content at the Konbini advertising agency. During this placement, I put my creativity to work on various brands, such as Nike, Oreo, Yves Saint Laurent, the European Union and Visit Scotland.

After my first internship, I decided to start my own start-up as a self-employed artistic director and copywriter. My clients include L'Oréal Paris and Cameron Kham, with whom I have collaborated on image-consulting and graphic design projects. This work, in parallel with my studies, has become my passion and boosts my creativity on a daily basis!

Back at EDHEC Business School for the fourth and final year of my studies, I wanted to bring an international angle to my career. That's why I chose to specialise in Marketing Intelligence and Innovation, taught entirely in English. I also did my end-of-programme internship at Havas Media as a junior account executive, where I worked on brands such as Hermès, Emirates, Disney and Orange.

My student association roles were decisive in forging my career path: it is thanks to them, as well as to the excellent marketing education provided by EDHEC, that I was able to gain access to highly influential companies in the field and create my own micro-enterprise. My career path developed naturally from the choices I made as part of the EDHEC International BBA.


Ambre Escarfail EDHEC

Ambre Escarfail at EDHEC Business School for the Student Office


After the BBA: Professional development and specialisation

I’m currently taking a gap year to do another internship in social influence marketing. I'm now a project manager at the Follow agency in Paris, a well-known label of influencers in France. Following this internship, I plan to develop my business as a self-employed entrepreneur for the rest of the year, then embark on a master’s 2, or a master’s degree specialising in marketing and communication in autumn 2021. My desire to work abroad has never left me and that is why, in the long term, I would like to head up the communications team of an internationally renowned company.


EDHEC Business School helped me to chart my natural career progression. The school not only allows its students to flourish but also broadens their horizons. The School helped me to forge my career path and I am very grateful to all the people who supported me. I found the field I am passionate about thanks to the specialised marketing and communications teaching I received, as well as my internships and student associations.


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