Camille Quartana

A sustainable, international career path

Camille Quartana is a fourth-year student on the Business Management track, specialising in Hospitality and Event Management, at EDHEC’s Nice campus. Originally from the Lille region, she completed her baccalaureate, with honours, at the Sacré-Coeur de Tourcoing secondary school in 2015. Initially, she chose the EDHEC International BBA on the Lille campus with a view to becoming “multi-skilled” and augmenting her journey with professional experience over the four years.


Camille Quartana EDHEC


A first taste of an international career at a student society

From her first year, Camille ensured her career path would have an international flavour by joining the VISA student society. Every year, the association welcomes international exchange students to the EDHEC Business School campuses. “I wanted to get a window on the world as early as possible in the course,” Camille says. “The society immediately fulfilled the expectations I had when embarking on the EDHEC International BBA. I continued the VISA adventure in my second year. I set up the association’s Erasmus centre – a centre totally dedicated to facilitating communication between Erasmus students and VISA. We were the first point of contact for international students on campus and I adored organising their visits and presenting the school to them.”


Association VISA EDHEC

Association VISA


An academic exchange in New York City

Camille continued her international journey in her third year by taking part in a semester-long academic exchange at Manhattan College in New York City. “This was my favourite semester, “ she says. “I loved taking courses completely in English, run by native English-speaking professors. I love the American way of life.” Camille took courses in management, marketing, human resources and international business, as they applied to American culture. “The courses were very comprehensive and interesting and the teaching approach was very different to what I had experienced before, “ she says. Camille also made life-long friendships during her stay and took advantage of her free time to explore New York and indulge her passion for sport by going to basketball and football games.


Manhattan College

Manhattan College


Formative internships

From day one, Camille has bolstered her career path with corporate internships. In her first year, she worked at TPE Opportunities, a marketing advisory firm, where she “indulged her thirst for knowledge by researching new processes to be put in place in companies.” In her second year, Camille worked at medical equipment company Zeiss. “I discovered the corporate world on a grand scale,” she says. “My job was to facilitate export-service development by organising and completing the company’s internal database.”


A future career aimed at sustainable development

Camille has now put her international career plan into action by finding an end-of-study internship at the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa. “I have been working here for two months as an intern in the area of sustainable development,” she says. “My tasks are mainly associated with awareness-raising of sustainable development, among staff and clients, through activities such as cleaning the lagoon and the property as a team. I am working on various projects that will allow our hotel to position itself as being more environmentally responsible.”

This very enriching experience has encouraged Camille to aim for a career in the sustainable development sector. “But before that, I want to study for a specialised Master’s in Green Management, Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility at Bocconi University in Milan,” she says.


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