Romain Kreitel

EDHEC International BBA offers balance


Romain Kreitel is a Business Management track second-year student. He studied at the French lycée of Kiev in Ukraine and of Tananarive in Madagascar. He then graduated from high school in Bordeaux, France before joining EDHEC's undergraduate program.

EDHEC International BBA offers balance

"I first hesitated to study law or literature. But the many years I spent abroad and my numerous travels made me choose an international-oriented program." He says EDHEC's Bachelor in Business Administration offers "balance between academics, language study, and professionalisation with the internships." Romain thinks this program is different from other bachelors because of its teaching method: "group work is very educational. Moreover, professors listen and interact with their students a lot."

Enriching professional experiences

Last year, Romain did his first internship at Thales in Bordeaux, France, in military commerce. This year, he joined the BBA program ambassador team for a 9-month internship. His mission is to guide high-schoolers in their choice of studies. He learns business and negotiation skills: "I am very proud to represent EDHEC Business School." He also takes part in the EDHEC for African Business club, as well as being a military reservist.

International ambitions

In the third year, Romain would like to do an academic exchange in Russia, either in Moscow or Saint Petersburg: "I have a passion for Eastern countries and I might want to work there in the future. I study Russian as a third language at EDHEC and going in a Russian-speaking country would definitely help me improve my language skills."
Finally, he plans on taking the Finance or Audit specialization in third-year: "Ideally, I would like to work for an Audit practice after I graduate."

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