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Business Management track

Find the right balance between academic specialization, international experience, and professional experience.

Why choose the Business Management track?

The Business Management Track is taught on both Lille (French & English) and Nice (French) campuses and is aimed at students seeking a balance between academic specialisation, sector specialisation, international and professional experience.

The flexibility of this course, with its vast array of specialisations, means you can customise your track every year in accordance with your personal and professional goals. In year 3 you can also opt for the International Business Track. International immersion is an absolute prerequisite to obtaining your degree, through an academic exchange with one of our 142 partner universities or an internship abroad. In Year 2 you can also opt for the Global Manager Certificate, which gives you the opportunity to study in Seoul, Dublin, New York or London.

Degree: Bachelor

Diploma: Bachelor in Business Administration

Accreditations: triple-accredited by the French National Education Ministry, EQUIS and AACSB

Campus: Lille and Nice

Language: French and English

Tuition fees: €11 000/year

Business Management track - EDHEC International BBA

You can apply to the Business Management track via an online application. This track requires to be fluent in French or in English.

Admission requirements

  • Taught in French and/or English
  • Almost 400 hours of specialisation
  • Up to 18-month professional experience

Year 1&2 - Business fundamentals

  • Accounting for managers
  • Business Economics
  • Principals of finance
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Investment decision
  • Business Law
  • Geopolitics
  • Organizational behaviour & team management
  • Business communication and society
  • Principles of marketing
  • Business games, team projects
  • Language courses


Year 3 - Academic specialisations

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • International Business Track


Year4 - Sector specialisations*

  • Finance
  • E-commerce & Digital Business**
  • Marketing Intelligence & Innovation
  • Purchasing & Supply chain Management
  • Hospitality & Event Management


* Possibility to switch campuses depending on specialization choice

**Google AdWords Professional (GAP) certification

Courses list and specialisations may be subject to change.

International experience is a clear advantage on any CV and a mandatory feature of the EDHEC International BBA degree, with students spending a minimum of one semester abroad, either at a university or in an internship. Two types of academic exchanges are available in Year 2, namely the traditional exchange or the Global Manager Certificate (GMC).


142 International academic partners in 37 countries in years 2 or 3, including:

International academic partners


Camille Quartana

"It has been my favorite semester. I loved taking classes in English with English-speaking professors. Classes were very interesting and the teaching style was very different from what I was used to." Manhattan College, New York, USA

Camille Quartana,

EDHEC International BBA, 2019

MSc Green management & Energy, Bocconi University. 2020

Global manager Certificate

One semester of the Global Manager Certificate is spent at one of our prestigious partner institutions in New York, Dublin, Seoul or London, where students follow the demanding International Business Management curriculum in English. This leads to the Global Manager Certificate, which is awarded in addition to your EDHEC International BBA degree and earns you the credits required to validate your Year 2-Semester 2. This programme is unique on the market and is an original and efficient way to build a career plan that is resolutely focused on international business as from year two, perhaps even followed by an internship.

Valentine Bouffinier

"I chose to go to Yonsei University because it is in QS's Asia Top 20 best institutions ranking. All my classes were taught in English: Project Management, International Management, Trade, and Business Model Development. I also took a Korean Language & Culture course that helped a lot in my day-to-day life in Korea."

Valentine Bouffinier,

EDHEC International BBA, 2019

Double Degree

Newcastle Business School

Newcastle Business School

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Students choose their specialisations in Year 3 and 4. Whether through academic specialisations (Marketing, Finance, Audit, HR), business specialisations (E-commerce, Investment banking, Luxury goods, Entrepreneurship, Retail) or even an International Business Track, this is when students firm up their career plans and, in many cases, go on to complete a Master of Science in their chosen field.

Loïck Menvielle

The impact on sector expertise

« One of the characteristics of the English taught e-commerce specialisation is that certain classes are given by professors from different disciplines, such as strategy or marketing, allowing for a dual perspective and a more contextualised approach to a given topic. Students are encouraged to obtain certification, from Google for example, to increase their employability. Some 30% of e-commerce students go abroad for their final six-month placement, to Canada, the US, Australia, Asia, and so on.»

Loick Menvielle, PhD. Professor of Marketing, Innovation Management, E-commerce, E-health

Florian Montaufier

The impact on employability

"The main source of motivation that led me to choose this BBA programme was its international aspect. I was looking for a degree that would be recognised internationally and with the triple accreditation (French, European, and worldwide, a.k.a. EESPIG, EQUIS, AACSB). The Business Management track gives you the right set of tools to develop hard and soft skills in line with the job market. I am currently doing my work placement at KPMG and I learn to confront what I have studied in school with the needs of our clients. Before that, I worked for eight months at the financial department of TC Transcontinental in Montreal, Canada." In September 2020, Florian will join the MSc in Finance at EDHEC.

Florian Montaufier,

EDHEC International BBA, 2019

EDHEC MSc in Finance, 2020

The International Business Track (IBT) consists of two academic years of alternating work placements and English-taught formal instruction at the EDHEC campus. International students from our 114 partner universities also attend this course.


3 minors

  • Minor in International Finance
  • Minor in International Marketing
  • Minor in International Entrepreneurship

The IMPACT on my international career

The IBT track provides a very good overall insight into business management. I attended a wide range of classes such as leadership, international marketing, corporate communication, and international financial management. I learned a lot by working on projects with French and international students from all around the world.” Tobias Grunert, Major de la promotion International Business track 2016. German student at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.