Global Business Track

Study in English in 3 of the best universities in the world.

Why choose the global business track?

An innovative track combining academic excellence and enriching, life-changing experience.

Taught entirely in English, the Global Business Track is designed for students seeking a highly international academic training that enables to gain an understanding of the challenges of globalisation and to prepare for an international career. Periods of classroom-based learning in a multi-cultural environment are combined with extended internships.

Year 1 is spent at EDHEC in Nice, and subsequently, students attend UCLA Extension in Los Angeles (Year 2), and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (Year 3&4). In addition to their EDHEC International BBA degree, students gain genuine intercultural exposure on three world-class campuses and obtain certificates from the host institutions.

Degree: Bachelor

Diploma: Bachelor in Business Administration

Accreditations: triple-accredited by the French National Education Ministry, EQUIS and AACSB

Campus: Nice - Los Angeles - Singapore

Language: English

Tuition fees: €17 300/year

Global Business track EDHEC International BBA

You can apply to the Global Business track via online application.

Admission requirements

If you are preparing the French baccalaureate, please refer to these admission requirements.

  • 100% in English
  • Prestigious institutions in the world top 15
  • Full immersion on 3 continents

Students study Business Management fundamentals, Economics, Accounting, Law and Marketing in English, whilst at the same time exploring the Learning by Doing approach through business games and projects and similar challenges. 


Created by and for entrepreneurs, EDHEC has embodied the fundamental values of business for over a century.



BBA in France

(Challenges 2020)


Business school in Europe

(in Financial Times European Business School Rankings 2019)

Core modules

Business fundamentals
  • Accounting for managers
  • Business Economics
  • Principals of finance
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Investment decision
  • Business Law
  • Geopolitics
  • Organizational behaviour & team management
  • Business communication and society
  • Principles of marketing
  • Business games, team projects
  • Language courses

At UCLA Extension, students can take courses from the "International Trade and Commerce" concentration with other international students. They also have access to a large choice of elective courses while enjoying the UCLA Campus infrastructures, in Los Angeles. At the end of this academic year, they will receive an International Trade and Commerce certificate and will become part of the UCLA Alumni Association.

Los Angeles

UCLA Extension specialises in international management and entrepreneurship, the US economy and international business. Students attend classes with other UCLA Extension international students and have access to all the facilities of the main UCLA campus in Los Angeles.


World Reputation Ranking

(Times Higher Education 2018)


World University

(Shanghai Jiao Tong 2019 academic rankings)

Core modules

  • Fundamentals of International Trade
  • Global Marketing and Strategy
  • International Accounting
  • International Business Management
  • Law in International Business
  • International Business Policies and Strategies
  • Leadership Communication Strategies
  • Business Ethics


3 electives including

  • Advertising Principles and Practices
  • International Human Resources Management
  • Doing Business in the U.S.
  • International Investing
  • Global Business Practices in Sustainability
  • Creating a New Business
  • Introduction to International Real Estate Markets and Investments
  • Advanced Managerial Finance
  • Global Currency Management

Denis Couturier

"For 100 years, UCLA Extension has been educating students to be successful. We are very proud of our innovative collaboration with EDHEC Business School. Each year, we welcome very bright and enthusiastic students to our campus. We are all excited for the EDHEC International BBA students to join the UCLA family and be able to provide them with the tools and access to move closer to accomplishing their goals. The next year of their lives will be filled with competency-based learning paired with projects, teamwork and invention. The other students in their classes and instructors will gain just as much from the experience and develop lasting networks that go beyond borders. I have no doubt that when the students graduate from our International Trade and Commerce program and become members of the UCLA Alumni Association, they will complete the remainder of their EDHEC degree with vigor and go out into the world ready for the challenges of the new economy. These graduates will be highly differentiated from their peers with a well-rounded, unique, academic experience from two great brands."

Denis Couturier, Interim Director, Custom Programs & Corporate Education UCLA Extension

Workshops and Activities

  • Orientation week on UCLA campus
  • Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator visit: The LACI is an incubator where start-ups aim to fight climate change and develop the local green economy
  • Pitch sessions in partnership with a start-up accelerator in Los Angeles
  • Business tours: company tours like Google in Los Angeles area
  • Coding club: develop an app, learn to use Python, Flutter, SQL, to boost your ideas
  • Sports: EDHEC students take part in UCLA's sports clubs and activities (tennis, fencing, climbing, rowing, athletics, etc.)
  • Student clubs: UNICEF at UCLA, American Red Cross, The Surfrider Foundation, Bruin Hope, Model United Nations, and much more

Nanyang Technological University logo


NTU is one of Asia’s most prominent and vibrant universities, hosting over 8,000 international students who wish to become familiar with the Asian business world.


best university in the world

(QS World University Ranking 2020)


(QS Top 50 under 50 ranking 2020)


Asian university

(QS Asian University Ranking)

Core modules

  • Strategic HRM
  • Managing Employee Relations & Engagement
  • Digital Marketing
  • International Finance
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate finance
  • Asian Branding
  • Value-based Marketing in the Asian Environment
  • South-East Asian Economies
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


3 elective courses to choose from

  • Service Operations Management
  • Economics of Emerging Markets
  • Business Analytics
  • Strategic Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Channel Value Creation
  • Wealth Management


Julien Cayla

"At Nanyang Business School, EDHEC students will interact with world-class faculty on a daily basis. Faculty members teaching on the program have won many awards for the quality of their teaching. They also have extensive research and consulting experience in a variety of industries. This makes them well suited to help EDHEC students with the next stage of their career. In Singapore, students will also get exposure to one of the most dynamic global cities in the world, at the heart of East-West culture and business. We look forward to welcoming EDHEC students on the beautiful campus of NTU in Singapore."

Julien Cayla,

Programme Director – International Management Certificate, Nanyang Technological University

Workshops and Activities

  • Orientation week and Graduation Days at NTU and EDHEC Singapore campus
  • Career Week: meet companies for final internships and job hires
  • Pitching sessions in collaboration with EDHEC Career Centre
  • Career coaching: CV revisions and interview updates for the Asian market
  • Advice on Singapore visas like Work Holiday Pass (WHP) for internships
  • Company Treks: tours to Schneider Electric, LinkedIn, Bollore Hub, Louis Vuitton, etc.
  • Alumni activities: networking events and career mentorship advice


« Coming from Hong Kong, I knew from the start that I wanted to travel during my studies. In Singapore, our professors have an incredible background, and it is an honour to learn from their expertise. Our digital marketing professor, Prof. Vijay Sethi, has been elected best professor in the world in 2013 (The Economist). His pedagogy is outstanding and he really knows how to captivate the entire class. My International Finance professor, Dr Siriwan Chutikamoltham, has a lot of professional experience in Finance, she holds a PhD from Harvard, USA. She is always to take extra time to help if we have questions. Our Cultural Intelligence professor, Dr Hoo Hui Teng, pushes us out of our comfort zone. It is a very active class. At the end of this year, I hope to gain extensive knowledge about the specificities of the Asian market. »

Nanthida Kaewradee,
EDHEC International BBA, 2020
Nanyang Business School (NTU), Singapour

Vijay Sethi

« If you sit in my classroom for three hours and I don’t stretch you or give you a slightly different perspective, then I failed as a teacher. My teaching style is all discussion-oriented, I teach only through case studies mainly, the students have to go out and research industries and they do presentations in the class. EDHEC students have been absolutely wonderful in that particular part. »

Vijay Sethi, PhD.

Professor of Digital marketing at NTU,

“World’s best business professor" by The Economist in 2013

Students have the obligation to do three internships to complete their degree: 

  • First-year internship: students can choose to do their internship in France or abroad for up to 3 months.
  • Third-year internship: in partnership with UCLA Extension, students have to do a 6-month internship.
  • Fourth-year internship: students have to do a 6-month internship.