Information and FAQ

Tuition fees


Total applicable fees for four years before scholarships:

*For one-time payment, discount included.


A €2000 deposit must be made prior to enrollment by card only.

Then, after the deposit is paid, you can choose one of these two payments to pay your tuition fees:

  1. Full one-time payment via wire transfer or cheque before July 23, 2021.
  2. 44 monthly payments via direct debit. The first payment occurs before July 23, 2021.



You will have to pay your tuition fees via wire transfer. Direct debit is not possible.

Fees include:

  • Career Centre mentorship during the entire length of your programme to help you make the right study and career choices.
  • Access to the various services on campus: a learning centre, sports centre, the incubator
  • Alumni book and services
  • Access to Academic Exchanges and Double Degrees.
  • Tuition Fees

EDHEC International BBA created scholarships for international students only. If you have a French baccalaureate, please visit our French website.

Various options are available:

  • Excellence Scholarship 8, 000 €

EDHEC offers Excellence Scholarship to outstanding profile candidates applying before Jan 15th.

  • Premium Scholarship 6, 000 €

EDHEC offers Premium Scholarships to high-profile candidates applying before April 5.

  • Merit Scholarship 4, 000 €

EDHEC offers Merit Scholarships to high-profile candidates applying before April 5.

  • Social Criteria Scholarship 8, 000 € (9, 900 € for the Global Business track)

This scholarship will be deducted from your two first years of tuition fees. To be eligible, the applicant’s tax-free household allowance must be equal or under €18,000 for the 2021 tax assessment based on 2020 incomes (household allowance = overall Gross Income / Number of shares). 


EDHEC scholarships cannot be combined. The Scholarship that is most favourable to the applicant will be applied.