BBA EDHEC Parents Newsletter May 2018



Dear Parents,

One of the fundamental elements in the development of our students concerns their experience at the School: How can we optimise all the opportunities the School offers so that students reap the maximum educational and personal benefit from their time here? We always strive to place them at the heart of EDHEC and our multiple programmes. This objective needs to be continuously repeated so as to ensure we build coherent and inspiring programmes. At the EDHEC International BBA, the first thing we think about when we consider the student experience is services. Pedagogical services, career services, international services and those furnished by the alumni network constitute forms of personalised support available to students throughout their studies. This latest edition of your newsletter consequently provides an overview of the multiple facets of the experience we offer.

Alessia Di Domenico

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies

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Director of the Global Business Track   

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Director of the Business Management Track,

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Entrepreneurship was honoured at the heart of the world’s biggest start-up campus in Paris during the evening of Wednesday 28 March. Close-up on this high-impact event organised by EDHEC Business School…

Founded by entrepreneurs, EDHEC Business School has always been keen to foster an entrepreneurial spirit among its students. Today, EDHEC provides a range of measures and opportunities to develop the taste for entrepreneurship through specific tracks in entrepreneurship on all curricula, its incubator and the active support provided for the development of high-potential start-ups.

All aboard, next stop Station F!

Almost a year after its official inauguration in the presence of President of France Mister Emmanuel Macron, the world’s biggest start-up campus played hosted to over 600 people attending the EDHEC Startup Show, the event of the year for entrepreneurship. 

Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School, opened the evening :  "Founded by entrepreneurs, EDHEC Business School strengthens the entrepreneurial acumen of its students. Being part of Station F came therefore as an evidence to EDHEC Business School. This partnership materializes our mission; we look to make our students belong to Station F unique ecosystem. This could not be possible without the support of our Alumni donors; a warm thank you to you all!" , says Dean Métais.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a real adventure, both in human and professional terms”, Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School.  The programme featured a series of exclusive videos, start-up pitches (Canard Street, SmartEar and Yuka: 5 minutes to convince the public of their success!) and speeches from recognised personalities like Philippe Léopold-Metzger, EDHEC 1977 and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Piaget. "Donors’ role is vital, both at EDHEC, as an institution commanding a strong reputation for educating new generations of talent, and elsewhere", he said. Fundraising must be supported for its undeniable impact on education and both intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial initiatives, Philippe Léopold-Metzger, EDHEC 1977. 




Next up was a round table on the theme of “Entrepreneurship, keys to success”. Steered by Sacha El Baz, EDHEC Alumni 2017 (part of Facebook Dublin’s strategy team in June 2018), the round table counted with Béatrice de Montille, EDHEC 1999 (and founder of Merci Maman), and Hugo Sallé de Chou, EDHEC 2014 (and co-founder of Pumpkin). Béatrice has launched her business internationally, while Pumpkin regularly features in the fintech world.

The evening then continued with a cocktail reception that gave the whole EDHEC community the chance to network, exchange ideas and enjoy the atmosphere until late.  


Station F was founded by Xavier Niel to foster the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. It aims to support 1,000 promising young entrepreneurial talents from around the world, 40 of whom from EDHEC Business School. The EDHEC workspace within Station F is devoted to selected start-up projects incubated by EDHEC at the boost and/or fund-raising stage, and to entrepreneurs originating from EDHEC MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. This ability to host start-up projects within Station F provides a perfect complement to EDHEC existing sites in Lille and Nice and enables projects to reap the benefit of an optimal ecosystem unique in Europe. As a result, the EDHEC incubator now offers 150 places, split between Lille, Nice and Paris.

This strategic initiative was primarily driven by a group of Alumni donors, eager to provide EDHEC entrepreneurs with access to an unrivalled ecosystem.



In front of over 1,300 EDHEC students, France’s Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced a reform of the country’s export support mechanism on 23 February 2018 in the auditorium on EDHEC’s Lille campus. The presentation covered support measures and financing for exports, as well as training, particularly in the English language.

Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School, welcomed the students and personalities filling the auditorium: “I am extremely pleased to welcome you to our campus today. Ever since its foundation in 1906, EDHEC has stayed true to its belief that education and research act as a powerful lever for the internationalisation of trade and companies. I am therefore convinced that the Prime Minister’s announcements will have a positive impact on the French and international economy.”

“We are delighted to partner Business France for this event and very honoured that the Prime Minister chose our School, with its resolutely international mindset, to come and present the government’s strategy for foreign trade”, said Bruno de Pampelonne, Chairman of the EDHEC Board of Governors, speaking from Singapore.

The Prime Minister’s conference was preceded by a round table on the subject of international training to prepare tomorrow’s managers. Two of our EDHEC students - Hervé Kacou and Aurore Saurel – shared their experience during a presentation on France’s V.I.E. international internship scheme. “The V.I.E. scheme is a unique opportunity to launch your career internationally”, explained Hervé. “In my case, it was an essential part of my experience as it ultimately converted into a permanent job.” “Perseverance, EDHEC’s network and good work are the keys to success in finding your V.I.E. internship”, related Aurore. The V.I.E. international internship scheme is above all a differentiating experience in an acutely-competitive job market, and one that enables participants to enrich themselves with a new professional culture, leave their comfort zone and test a career choice before committing themselves long-term. Alix Pollet-Dalle, a graduate of the EDHEC Executive MBA in 2014 and now Chairman and Chief Executive of Saneco, took part in the second round table onthe theme of “Export Tools: Support and Finance”, during which she shared good practices for an SME embarking on the export trail.

During the event, the EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre unveiled the launch of the first V.I.E. survey in collaboration with Business France. As a centre of expertise for the professional aspirations, behaviours and skills of new generations of talent,  the EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre’s goal with the survey is to better understand the population of V.I.E. students currently on internships and young former VIE interns, with a focus on the recruitment and graduate placement processes, the skills developed and post-V.I.E. hoices.

The conference continued with the signature of the first “French Pass Export” with the shipbuilding and ship repair group Piriou, as part of the government’s “PACTE” project, designed notably to stimulate French exports.


After being introduced by Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe then announced a series of measures (“in-depth, anticipated and interlocking transformations”) designed to boost French exports, particularly by fostering English-language learning and setting up “one-stop export shops”. “We are going to invest massively in the French and their skills: the better trained we are, the stronger we are”, said the Prime Minister.

To close this prestigious event, Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC, presented the Prime Minister with the sculpture “L’homme en marche” (The Man in Motion), a symbol of EDHEC.


The EDHEC BBA ad campaign

EDHEC has launched an advertising campaign aimed at showing our “Make an Impact” strategy in action and raising EDHEC’s profile. By making its voice heard, EDHEC asserts its position and excellence, and consequently strengthens its influence on the business world in general. Two EDHEC BBA students were selected to feature in the campaign and promote the programme.



A single association for an exceptional network, by Antoine Kerrinckx, Chairman of EDHEC Alumni

The School and the Edhec network have just experienced a historic moment with the creation of a single Alumni association geared to activating, supporting and uniting the community of EDHEC graduates and students, irrespective of their programme of origin. After 12 years of engagement with the BBA network, seven as Chairman, this has probably been one of the biggest moments that I’ve experienced and certainly one of the greatest developments concerning the Edhec BBA since its name change.  

This year saw the number of EDHEC BBA Alumni members exceed the 10,000 mark, with the total number of EDHEC Alumni grouped together in the new single exceptional network now amounting to 40,000.

Wherever our graduates and students go, they are sure to find an EDHEC club, ambassador or community to welcome, help and support them and ultimately to assist them in achieving fulfilment and making progress with their life projects.

After living the unique Edhec BBA experience for four years - all spent with the shared objective of graduating from the programme - the genuine link that binds our members together makes this trans-generational network a rich store of prestigious, original and sometimes surprising experiences, and consequently a great tool to put one’s dreams into practice and make an impact on the world.


Congratulations to students on the Dean's List

The Dean’s List recognises academic excellence among students. Access is reserved for the best students on the EDHEC International BBA in Lille and Nice, and specifically for those with general grade averages of at least 14/20 in each year of the programme. External periods (internships and academic exchange) need to be validated and the student’s TOEIC score must exceed 815 in the first session.

Congratulations to those concerned for their fine work !

“Le Chocolat des Français”, an example of differentiated instruction by Sabine Ruaud

As part of the Creative Bachelor Project, BBA students following the Marketing Retail & Distribution Management Horizon (classical track) or the Retail Management & E-business Horizon (apprenticeship track) in the fourth year worked for several months in close collaboration with a Paris-based start-up, Le Chocolat des Français. The ambitious concept driving this young start-up, founded in 2014, is to combine the Good and the Beautiful with “Made in France” or, in other words, to showcase French chocolate-making know-how, while allowing creatives to express themselves on the product packaging in a way that pleases the customer’s eye and tickles with the promise of a taste-treat.

In May 2017, although the company was proudly boasting a 150% increase in turnover to around €2 million, with over 500,000 chocolate bars sold either online or through 400 premium outlets spanning 12 countries and 5 continents, the objective was to become a go-to brand both in France and internationally. In pursuit of this goal, the two co-founders wanted to open a proprietary flagship store in Paris. However, what in-store customer experience did they need to develop? In addition, how should they orchestrate the links between the value proposition and this experience? In tackling these questions, students had to focus on a real professional problem demanding a mix of creativity and pragmatism, while also developing well thought-out solutions that they subsequently presented to a jury of academics and professionals.

Differentiated instruction like this makes learning a more active process by placing students in real-life scenarios and assigning them greater responsibility.

Speculoos biscuits retain their flavour! by Annette Lang, Professor of inter-cultural communication

From 5 to 7 March 2018, BBA4 students on the apprenticeship track had the chance to combine taste with creativity, by plunging into a problem assigned them by Lotus, the company manufacturing the famed Speculoos biscuits. After a phase geared to analysing the brand’s commercial strategy presented by the Commercial Manager RHF networks France, Heike Martins, students discovered and explored creative-thinking techniques. How to expose consumers to Speculoos in an innovative way and persuade them to buy? In thinking about the problem, students started with the brand’s central values – taste, sharing, and authenticity – while finding new ways to express them. After a day and a half of intensive work, the three student teams proudly presented their proposals to a high-level jury comprising Nicolas Fasquelle, Commercial Director France, Isabelle Vandevelde, Human Resources Director, Heike Martins and Isabelle Sequeira, EDHEC’s Manager of Culture and Society. With three members of Lotus’s senior management team present on the campus, students were quick to grasp the importance assigned to their investment in the exercise. Ideas ranged from Speculoos in individual pods for adding to yoghurts and compotes, couches in the brand’s colours to be installed for passengers in Paris rail stations, to the creation of pop-up stores around a giant Speculoos totem. The famous biscuit of Flanders with its mildly spicy taste was honoured with a mix of high-impact and innovative solutions. The company was won over by the quality of the proposals and the wealth of ideas to be presented later to the Lotus senior management committee. Congratulations to all who took part!


BBA 2018 internships: An excellent vintage!

The final internship in the last year is a strategic moment for our BBA students that serves as a key building block for the preparation of their career projects and one that can condition their entry into the job market. These internships quite often lead to formal recruitment offers.

"In association with my final internship, I was hired by Amazon for the position of digital project officer. Thanks to the practical knowledge I gained from my studies on the EDHEC BBA and the various simulations proposed by the Career Centre, I was able to go into the interviews with a set of practical tools suited to the world of business", explains BBA4 student Stanislas Astouric.

This year will go down as an excellent vintage for our students on the 4th year of the BBA, both quantitatively – over 90% of BBA4 students found internships before the end of January – and qualitatively – the companies that hired our students were of high standing. These businesses included names like Chanel, Mondelez, L’Oréal, Ubisoft and Publicis, and major financial institutions such as JP Morgan, Amundi, Société Générale and BNP, along with audit firms like EY, PWC and KPMG. Students also did their internships in all areas of business management, embracing Marketing, Finance, Audit, Business Development, Purchasing and Logistics, Project Management and Consultancy, etc. “Our students make their mark with recruiters during the Recruitment Fairs we organise, thanks to the quality of their interview preparation. Our “Get ready for your career” approach helps them prepare effectively for recruitment processes”, says Gergana Hristozova, EDHEC BBA Lille-Nice Career Centre Manager.

“I chose the EDHEC BBA for its academic reputation, the quality of its tuition and the close ties the programme maintains with the business world. The EDHEC BBA is also a network and a passport that opens doors to companies. My specialisation in finance gave me several skills designed to facilitate the task of securing my first job. I managed to do some interviews very early on, thanks to the network I had built up within EDHEC and during my previous internships. The internship offer for my position was available on the School’s Career Centre website and after a former EDHEC BBA recommended me to the team and I had done my interview, I received a positive reply. I’m now doing an internship with Société Générale Corporate and Investment Bank as an Index Specialist within the Société Générale Index (SGI) team”, explains BBA4 student Hugo Inzirillo

EDHEC enables businesses to spot and attract talent, and students to find internships and jobs: “Impact on careers: thanks to its extensive alumni network (30,000 alumni in 121 countries) and prestigious corporate partners, EDHEC Business School acts as a career springboard for all students. The BBA Career Centre optimises the connection between students and the business world” Gergana Hristozova EDHEC BBA Lille-Nice Career Centre Manager.


Internationalisation at the heart of your programme! 

By signing new academic exchange partnerships, EDHEC’s international development continues to grow strong by offering today a network of 122 premier academic partners in 37 countries. These new partners are:


Keio University, Faculty of Business & Commerce



Rikkyo University, College of Business  
Corée du Sud Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Undergraduate School of Business AACSB
Russie National Research University, Higher School of Economics – Moscou  
Russie National Research University, Higher School of Economics – Saint Petersbourg  









On March 29 and April 5, EDHEC BBA Study Abroad Office organised on both its Lille and Nice campuses, the BEYOND BORDERS days, dedicated to prepare the next batch of academic exchange departures. These two events welcomed close to 270 BBA2 students, visiting international students to share their current EDHEC experience, and enthusiastic BBA3 students returning from their study abroad journey to share insights on their international experiences. The Career centre and EDHEC Alumni representatives were also present and happy to guide and tell more about the benefits of a Study Abroad trip.

The EDHEC International BBA programme offers its students a unique opportunity to build their curriculum according to their aspirations and professional plans. Depending on the chosen path taught in either French or English, students can alternate corporate internships, academic exchange and specialised courses. EDHEC BBA Graduates can immediate kick start their career or opt to pursue a Master studies in the best international institutions.


Discover First-Year Project workshops:

Interview with First-Year Project managers Aurélie Cousin in Lille and Didier Marchyllie in Nice:

  • Can you explain what the First-Year Project is?

The First-Year Project (or PPA in its French acronym), otherwise known as the Project Workshop, is a CSR project, created by first-year BBA students, that requires them to put into practice a multi-disciplinary skill-set, including project management, accounting, oral and written communication, negotiation and IT skills.  

The idea is, right from the first year, to familiarise students with a project process that develops their professional capabilities. For their careers, they need to learn how to organise themselves (managing their diary, making appointments, setting up agendas and writing minutes for meetings), to work in a team (how to bring team-members back in from outside) and to manage their frustrations (when partners drop out, sponsors withdraw their backing and  the media fails to reply).

 What are the educational objectives?

The objectives are very clear: learning by experience. There is nothing better than being confronted with reality for learning. In different situations, students have to understand, react and even anticipate in order to respond better. By learning to do so, they are already prepared for what they are going to meet in the future in their companies. 

  • In practical terms, what steps does the First-Year Project involve?

On the Lille campus, the First-Year project starts with a launch meeting attended by all students in an amphitheatre setting. During the meeting, we explain the project to them, but it is also a festive event we reward the best projects from the previous year. This allows BBA1 students to see what their elders have achieved. Each cohort (40 students on average) is managed by a tutor through the different stages of the project during the year. In turn, the tutors are overseen by a pedagogical supervisor who ensures the uniformity of the process across the whole class year, while also managing the diversity attached to particular cases. Each project requires students to set up an association and a bank account for management purposes. Projects are then pre-presented in January and fully presented in May, so as enable tutors to formally assess students’ work, even though progress is monitored on a weekly basis. 

At least one of the projects has to be conducted outside the School so as to raise EDHEC’s profile. In addition, on a given day, all First-Year Projects are assembled on the Lille campus so that everyone has a chance to see what the others have done and the administration can discover students’ talent and potential. What kind of difficulties generally come up when preparing these projects? The most common difficulties tend to concern organisational aspects and working in a team. Moreover, in Lille, where there are plenty of high-level schools, finding sponsors can be problematic as well. 

  • The best 2018 projects?

It is still a little too soon to say at the time of writing, but two projects have already caught our eye. The first project, “Work In Smile”, has repainted the walls of a school in Roubaix, with the team devoting over 200 hours of their time to repaint over 100m2 of walls and using over 150 litres of paint in the process. The second project, “Kindia”, also stands out: students in the team are due to go to India during the spring break to support an orphanage in Pondicherry, not just by sending school materials and clothes, but also by rolling up their sleeves and helping with work to renovate the school building on site! 

Again, six Nice-based students from the “Un Sourire à Offrir” association went to Senegal to distribute school materials to children attending a bush school in need of support. Pencil cases, schoolbags, balls, etc., three days to improve the day-to-day life of the 120 children attending the school in Mbourokh, Senegal. "It allowed us to work for a good cause and to learn how to manage a project as well", explains Mathys Lopes, one of the association’s creators.

Lukas, Lorenzo, Julieta, Rebecca and MArpessa have had the amazing opportunity to do a humanitarian trip in Togo. This project was part of their PPA project with EDHEC. "We decided to organise this trip because we support an association called "Sékovio Pierre Pépin" which helps children of the village of Séko, Togo in the field of education. This experience has changed our view of life and made us realize how we can be happy with so little. In Togo we met the children of the school that welcomed us with dances and songs and were kind, we organised several events for the village such as a giant picnic, games, an outdoor cinema session and we gave an EDHEC pen to each pupil of the school. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to meet the director of the French Institute, the mayor of Aného as well as the King of a village."