EDHEC joins the GBSN, a global network focused on development

Written on 06 juillet 2022.

Since June 2022, EDHEC has had the honour of being a member of the prestigious GBSN (Global Business School Network). This independent organisation, based in Washington DC, has set itself the task of connecting management schools, companies, foundations and organisations with one major objective: to improve access to high-quality management training in developing countries in order to facilitate the emergence of solid local businesses there.

The growing GBSN network now includes 130 top management schools from 50 countries. The projects showcased and promoted by the GBSN involve the students as well as the teachers, faculties and employees of member schools. They include experience for students around the world, research projects relating to the challenges faced by emerging economies and peer-to-peer training to develop the most innovative programmes corresponding to global development issues. What these commitments have in common is the desire to improve everyone’s living conditions through management training and entrepreneurship.

This membership will enable EDHEC to continue to have a key impact on sustainable development around the world via education, research and the academic community. A long-term partnership perfectly in line with the values ​​of openness and solidarity which are dear to it and which are part of its 2025 strategic plan. Emmanuel Métais, Director General of EDHEC, emphasises that, “The entire EDHEC community is ready to step up its efforts to advance teaching of management and entrepreneurship all around the world. We are very proud to collaborate on the project led by the GBSN network.