Publication of post-graduation employment reports for EDHEC 2021 students

Written on 11 juillet 2022.

To mark the end of the current academic year, EDHEC has published reports on the post-graduation jobs found by the class of 2021. The School is proud to record that the majority of students completing their studies across all programmes (Masters and EDHEC International BBA) found a first job that matched their career objectives (95% for the EDHEC International BBA, 90% for all Masters), despite the job-market disruption caused by the various waves of the pandemic.  In most cases, outgoing students were recruited right from the end of their studies (67% of all Masters students during the academic year or within a month of leaving the School).

This success was largely due to the customised support provided by the EDHEC Career Centre, whose remit is to assist students throughout the year in defining their career plans via individual and personalised meetings. The Career Centre’s solid expertise has been amassed over years of experience. It is continuously refined and underpinned by the team’s extensive knowledge of the job market and close relations with all of EDHEC’s corporate partners, both nationally and internationally (45% of Master in Finance graduates secure positions outside France and 36% of BBA graduates find jobs outside their countries of origin). The team harnesses these privileged ties with business to organise events throughout the year that bring students and employers together, either in the form of job dating sessions or recruitment fairs. The results clearly underline the effectiveness of these initiatives and support measures, with 53% of BBA graduates and 50% of Masters graduates finding employment thanks to EDHEC and the Career Centre.

These latest employment reports also highlight the wide variety of structures with which EDHEC graduates start their careers, e.g. their own companies (10% of EDHEC International BBA students), start-ups or small businesses (1/3 of Masters students), medium-sized or large organisations (82% of EDHEC International BBA students). Lastly, EDHEC’s desire to train managers eager to contribute to solving the major problems facing society – consistent with the School’s 2020-2025 strategic plan – is echoed in the responsibilities of the many graduates whose jobs include an ESG dimension (34% of EDHEC International BBA students and 36% of Master in Finance students) or are geared towards making a social, societal or environmental impact (8% of Master in Finance students).

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