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Charlotte Carrières

It develops your sense of responsibility and organisation

Charlotte is a first-year student at EDHEC International BBA in the Global Business track. She graduated from Saint-Germain-en-Laye's international high school and got an overall 16.71/20 at the French baccalaureate. She explains why she chose EDHEC Business School.


I first discovered EDHEC’s bachelor during an Open House in February 2018. I talked with students who explained to me what their program was about. Because of my international background in high school, I was immediately drawn to the Global Business track. This track gives us direct access to top-ranked universities in 3 different continents: EDHEC Business School in Europe, UCLA Extension in the United States, and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. This program is really unique.

The International BBA is very different from high school. First of all, we study in English only. Also, we have a lot more group work and oral presentations. It develops your sense of responsibility and organisation. My favorite class is Governance, Culture and Society. It is fascinating to learn about other countries. It helps us to become more open-minded and brings us more awareness about what happens around the globe. 

Also, I am a student ambassador for the school. I promote EDHEC International BBA to prospective students during fairs, Open Houses, etc. It is a 9-month internship I really enjoy doing and I learn a lot about marketing and negotiation skills.

Finally, I am looking forward to going to UCLA Extension next year. This is going a totally new experience for me, from an academic and personal point of view. This school has a worldwide reputation and I believe it will make a difference on my résumé when it will be time for me to find my first job.


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