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Nanthida Kaewradee

I feel at home

Nanthida is a fourth-year student. She graduated from the French International School of Hong Kong before joining EDHEC International BBA’s Global Business track. She currently studies at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and gives us her first impressions:

Nanthida Kaewradee EDHEC International BBA KAEWRADEE Nanthida


I feel at home here because Singapore is just like a cleaner Hong-Kong! Nanyang Technological University's campus is enormous and very modern. We have access to all sorts of facilities: a gym, a supermarket, restaurants and food courts, fast foods and even a student activity center where we can take a nap, study or play video games.

This semester, I am taking four courses, three of which are specifically tailored for EDHEC students: Digital Marketing, International Finance, Bachelor thesis, Cultural Intelligence. Our digital marketing professor, Prof. Vijay Sethi, has been elected best professor in the world in 2013. I am very honored to be his student. His pedagogy is outstanding and his class is the most interesting to follow. He really knows how captivates the entire class. My International Finance professor, Dr Siriwan Chutikamoltham, has a lot of professional experience in Finance. She is always to take extra time to help if we have questions. Our Cultural Intelligence professor, Dr Hoo Hui Teng, pushes us out of our comfort zone. It is a very active class. Finally, our Bachelor Thesis class prepares us for our final group project that will finalize our four-year bachelor program.

At the end of this year, I hope to gain extensive knowledge about the specificities of the Asian market.